Khanya Africa Networks



Khanya Africa Networks is a 100% black owned Digital Transformation enabler through provision of ICT products and Services organisation.

Digital Transformation is inevitable for organisations and they need to embark on this journey to enable them to change the way in which business is done. In the beginning, you need to evaluate the way the organisation works, communicates, connects, and collaborates.

We then build the framework for you and the overall Digital Strategy to be put into place, it is time to look at the solutions that are on offer. Our technology specialists will perform a targeted workload analysis for specific ideas to be looked at. When all the parameters are understood, they will design the solution while considering the unique needs and systems of the organisation. We evaluate the needs and functions of all the systems linked to the initiative and identify priorities in order to build a migration plan.

Khanya Africa is a 100% black-owned Digital transformation enabler through the provision of ICT products and services organisation. Khanya Africa Networks boasts more than two decades of experience, excellence, and consistency in service. At Khanya Africa Networks, our strengths lie in our team of highly trained and motivated staff as well as the well established strategic partnerships we have with cutting-edge equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Vendors in the industry. To this end, we are proud to hold some of the most advanced technology status certifications, which sets us apart from our competition.

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