Impact Soft Service



We are an innovative service provider with over 17 years experience and the expertise of quality effective and professional cleaning and hygiene service provision, and the ability to provide tailor made and personalised service provision packages.

Impact Cleaning Services cc provides the most reliable cleaning services. We are an innovative cleaning company with the experience and expertise in the delivery of quality and effective professional, reliable cleaning services in South Africa. We have the ability to provide a tailor-made personalized services to all our customers. The company is committed to providing reliable cleaning services and believe in getting the job done right the first time. At Impact, we strive to incorporate honesty and integrity in everything that we do.

The company has a business philosophy that commits the company to doing jobs that are not too big or too small. Impact promotes the act of joint decision making within the company to ensure that the clients’ special requirements are met which in turn builds great customer relationships.

At Impact Cleaning Services, we have the ability to provide a tailor-made personalised service to all our customers and clients to ensure that their needs and expectations are met. The company promotes the act of joint decision making in order to meet the clients’ special requirements. 

We also offer assistance to developers and architects in the planning and implementation of building cleaning requirements.

Impacts’ managerial and operational experience is recognised as a valued member in our industry and has support of empowered groups and suppliers.


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