In 1966 Aquacoolers was born, a company dedicated to providing the very best hydration solutions. A South African company to its roots, Aquacoolers developed the water cooler industry in South Africa, and an Aquacooler became the generic name for a water cooler. Forty years of development of the Aquacooler water cooler has resulted in creation of the world’s best water cooler.

As the need for better quality drinking water grew, Aquazania was born. Intensive investigation of mature bottled water markets around the world, pointed the way to a system of purification, that guarantees the finest quality water at all times. Taste testing and sampling of almost every local brand of water, helped refine the recipe of a truly great tasting water. This secret recipe carefully guarded ensures that every glass of Aquazania is a special experience.

As a fully B-BBEE compliant company, we pride ourselves on not only being participants in the growth of our country, but take great pleasure in empowering people of all races and genders to grow in their skill levels, and in their ability to develop tools to empower others. Our owner driver scheme has already empowered approximately 30 individuals.


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