Mudau Airview

  • 19 Aug, 2022
  • EME


Mudau Airview, a member of the Vha Dau Group, was founded in 1995 to be a specialist Aerial photographing company. Since then time we have grown both our company and our products range. We have become pioneers, innovators and leaders in our sector through the implementation of our own customized product range which focuses on broad-based economic empowerment.

We are proud of our people’s knowledgeable and in-depth understanding of the aerial photography sector that allows us to provide honest, intelligent and insightful advice to our customers. We continue to prove our commitment to innovation in finding new and better ways to deliver our products to our customers and thereby strengthen their corporate success.

Our people aim to enable our corporate partners and hence the broader market to be more efficient and productive by merging technology with intelligence. By offering our corporate clients innovating thinking in picture framing and expertise in filming technology, we aim at positioning Mudau Airview at the forefront of our chosen disciplines.

Innovation is at our core – by constant challenge and the extension of boundaries we are led to unique avenues. We are different and aim to add value by looking at the industry through a different lens and collaborating with our partners, clients and suppliers.

Our Motto
The sky is the beginning!

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