New Generation Digital Training, Learning & Administration Platform

DigiLims is a turnkey, cloud-based, eLearning platform solution, which automates and streamlines important training, learning and administrative business processes while providing powerful enterprise scale data analytics and reporting tools. DigiLims optimises the lifecycle process of training, learning and administration, from recruitment to graduation.

Dovetailing Training, Learning and Administration – A Single Turnkey Solution

As we transition to the “new normal”, cost reduction is a key performance area for many enterprises. Digilims Platform reduces costs, streamlines processes and provides an intuitive and cost-effective online learner experience. This is coupled with the provision of a set of automated management tools, which optimise all administrative and management processes related to delivering effective training programmes. Training institutions are now able to zoom in on their key focus areas and outcomes which are the imparting skills, learner can zoom focus on their learning and administrators can simplify their processes, with DigiLims.

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